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Hedge Funds Rock 2014 – Australia

I was  a bit concerned  that our annual  Australian event had floundered due to industry and personal changes. I was glad to hear that the night is locked in and is ready to rock and roll. Put it in your calendar, with the Westin Hotel as the venue,   for   Thursday   the   18th     of September. Carolyn [...]

Future Fund’s Allocation To Alternatives Drops

Alternatives  assets  have dropped  to 14.6%  of the Future  Fund’s  investment  portfolio  from  16.3%  a year  ago.  However,  due  to  the  rise  in  the  fund’s AUM to $96.6 billion, the actual allocation to alternatives  has  risen  from  $13.4  billion  to  $14.1 billion over the year. The fund’s  allocation  to both developed  and emerging  equity markets [...]

Australia’s Future Fund Reduces Allocation To Alternative Investments

Australia’s  Future Fund has lowered its alternatives allocation from 16.3 per cent to 15.3 per cent, according to its March quarterly fund update. All asset classes, except cash, debt securities and alternative assets, remained relatively unchanged. Debt securities  suffered  the greatest  drop (down 2.5 percentage points) while cash rose by 2.6 percentage  points  and  alternative  assets [...]

2012 Australian Hedge Funds Awards

For quite a few readers this will be a recap of previous news but for the record it’s worth posting here. The Australian Hedge Fund of the Year was won by BlackRock’s Australian Equity Market Neutral Fund. The Runner Ups were Kapstream and Optimal Australia. Michael Birch’s Huon Capital won Best Emerging Fund. Imperia and [...]

Announcing Australia’s First Comprehensive Hedge Fund And Boutique Fund Directory

The inaugural Triple A Partners / Basis Point Consulting Australian Hedge Fund and Boutique Fund Directory (2012 edition) has been launched. Highlights The directory is the first comprehensive report on Australia’s hedge and boutique fund industry. 165 firms control $208.4 billion, equivalent to 17% of the $1.19 trillion managed by all investment managers in Australia. [...]