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Aurora Fortitude And The Ups And Downs Of Australian Hedge Funds

I talk a lot about the local hedge fund industry being somewhat forgotten. When Fund of Funds pumped money into the best hedge funds in the world, they extended their process by allocating for geographic diversification. As a result, Australian managers did well. I took a number of Aussie managers around the world and I was lucky [...]

2014 Could Be A Standout Year For Australian Hedge Funds

I have  previously  discussed  that  since  the Global Financial  Crisis, Australian  Hedge Fund Managers have done it tough. There has been recovery  and some managers have done quite well, good performance and improving AUM. Institutional investors are adding alternatives to the asset allocation   and   Asset   Consultants    are   building Hedge  Fund  teams. Considering  our  business  of [...]

Definition Of ‘Hedge Fund’ Under Review In Australia

ASIC has received  industry submissions  seeking to refine the definition of ‘hedge fund’. There are concerns the current definition affects a number of funds that do not exhibit the same risks to investors as ‘true’ hedge funds. A hedge fund is currently defined as… promoted as being a ‘hedge fund’, or exhibits   two   or  more  [...]

Australian Hedge And Boutique Funds Directory Second Edition

The   2nd   edition   of   the   Australian   Hedge   & Boutique     Fund     Directory     is     now     being developed.   Fund  managers  are  invited  to  have their  details  listed  (at  no  cost)  -  please  contact David Chin, Managing Director, Basis Point Consulting david “at ” The 2nd edition will be even more comprehensive than the 1st edition, with: •      [...]

ASIC Releases Australian Hedge Funds Regulatory Guide

ASIC has released Regulatory Guide 240 – Hedge funds improving disclosure.  The 38-page guide offers benchmarks and disclosure principles related to the issue of Product Disclosure Statements (PDS). The guide covers benchmarks for valuation of assets and periodic reporting, and disclosure principles on investment strategy, manager, fund structure, valuation/location/ custody of assets, liquidity, leverage, derivatives, [...]