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Still A Few Bears Out There…

Iʼm naturally bearish which is weird because Iʼm a naturally  positive  individual.  Instead  of glass half empty, I like to be glass full to the brim! However, being  around  financial  markets  for a reasonable period tends to make you a natural bear. A lot of that stems  back to me being, for many years, a [...]

Investor And Fund-of-Fund Developments

A selection of recent news about investor behaviour and Fund-of-Fund developments… Morningstar’s Sector Wrap-Up for alternative funds awarded bronze ratings to five funds while no ratings were given to the nine other funds researched. Morningstar senior research analyst Julian Robertson told media that, “We do not believe that the majority of alternative strategies available in [...]

State Street Releases Report On Asset Owner’s Perspectives

State Street has released a US research report ‘The Asset Owner’s Perspective: Evolving Investment and Operational Models’. Highlights…  45% of asset owners reported that low yields on traditional assets have increased their organisation’s appetite for alternatives, particularly among institutions at the smaller end of the market. Asset owners are addressing the liquidity crunch by undertaking [...]

Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Could Bring $5 billion Annually To Australian Funds

Overseas high-net-worth investors entering Australia via the government’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) immigration programme could bring in $5 billion annually to fund managers, according to David Chin, Managing Director of Basis Point Consulting. SIV starts 24 November 2012 and requires ultra-high-net-worth migrants to invest $5 million into ‘complying’ investments – one being ASIC regulated managed [...]

Asia Pacific Is Australia’s Biggest Source Of Offshore Investment Flows

The Asia Pacific region is by far the biggest contributor of foreign fund flows into Australian managed funds, according to the Australian Investment Managers Cross-Border Flows Report. Highlights of the 12-page report released by the Financial Services Council and The Trust Company, include: 20 (large) fund managers responded to the survey. They managed $33.6 billion [...]

Capgemini Annual High-Net-Worth Report

The annual global wealth report by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management estimates there are: 179,500 Australian millionaires with at least $US1 million ($982,000) in investable assets, down 6.9 per cent from a year ago. 1800 ultra-high-net-worth Australians with more than $US30m ($29.4m) in investable assets. The Asia-Pacific region now has more millionaires than any other [...]

Triple A Partners Is Back…With Some Thoughts On The Current Markets

We had a bit of a business re-structure, moved offices, and changed phone and fax numbers and email addresses. We also changed our web address which is now We proudly represent and consult to Kapstream Capital, Fidante Partners, and Ramius Alternative Solutions. We look to be adding a number of other clients in the [...]